FUFA issues a strong warning to Express for their violent fans

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) has issued a strong warning to Express Football Club against their violent fans.

It’s no secret that the “Mukwano Gwa Bangi “ fans can turn violent on any day but this comes barely two months down the road since the club held an all fans campaign against the vice of violence at football matches.

The warning to comes after the Uganda premier League secretariat forwarded a case to the FUFA Disciplinary Committee in which they accused Express FC fans for violent conduct during their match against Mbarara City FC on Sunday 7th October at the Kavumba Recreational Centre in Wakiso.

According to the referee and match assessors’ reports, the Express fans turned violent as early as the 14th minute, throwing stones at match official George Olemu, just after Karim Ndugwa had scored to put the Ankole Lions into the lead.

Although the fans later seemed to have come to terms with the status of the game, they were frustrated with the results as the Red Eagles were on the losing end of 3-1 score sheet, with Ivan Eyam and Hillary Mukundane netting the other two goals for Mbarara City.

They once again resorted to what they do best, pelting stones at the assistant referee before security intervened and momentarily bringing the game to a standstill.

Here is the ruling from the FUFA disciplinary committee

The Deo Mutabazi-led committee, basing on Article 30 (8)(C) of the FUFA Competitions rules decided to deduct two points and two goals from the already accumulated points. That would mean that Express would drop to 12th with only three points.

However, the club will be relieved after the same committee suspended the decision basing on Article 31(2)(C)(iii) of the same rules but with a stern warning that they will invoke the rules once the same acts are repeated again.

The article provides that, “the judicial bodies may suspend the disciplinary action to be taken as a warning to deter reoccurrence and once there is reoccurrence, full disciplinary action is enforced”.  

By Robert K James 

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