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Meet David Emong the first Ugandan to win a medal in Paralympics games

Uganda's solitary competitor at the Paralympics diversions 2016, David Emong today morning won silver in the wake of coming next in the T46 Men's class of 1500m race in Rio. 

 David Emong came next with a period of 4:00:62 while Algeria's Nouioua Samir started things out with 3:59:46. Samir is a seven time Paralympics medalist. Australia's Roeger Michael came third winning Bronze.

Ugandan games fans went wild when, with just 37 seconds left in a four moment race, runner David Emong impacted into second place, acquiring him a silver award. The main competitor speaking to Uganda in Rio's 2016 Summer Paralympics, his win roused glad posts on online networking from President Yoweri Museveni and sports relationship the nation over.

David Emong is the main Ugandan competitor to partake in the Paralympics diversions in Brazil. Rwanda's Muvunyi Hermers completed fifth with a period of 4:05:19 while Ethiopia's Haile Hailu completed six. 

Emong likewise enlisted an individual best (PB) in the Men's 400m in Round 1 Heat 3 on Friday when he timed 58.30 - coming fifth. Emong already partook in the London Paralympics diversions in 2012 where he came fourth.

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